20 months months is here and the girls are doing great! They seriously seem to learn something new everyday. I love watching them interact more with eachother and play with their toys, color books, splash in the pool and run around at the park. They just seem like tiny little people!! It’s the best. 

They’re really developing their own personalities. Gwen is sensitive and cuddly and so nurturing. She will hold and rock any and everything like its her little “baby”. And Gretta is just a tiny ball of energy and makes everyone laugh and smile. She loves being silly, exploring, and is sooooo busy. They are my whole world. 

I hope you enjoy watching these silly clips we’ve captured of the girls during this last month. Watch here


Since they’ll be 19 months tomorrow…

Ok well I totally forgot to share this little gem here, and since the twins will be turning 19 months tomorrow, I should probably get it together. Hahaha!  Here’s the video clips of the girls from 17 and 18 months. I hope you enjoy. 

Watch here
Thanks for watching my little angels grow and for all your love and support. I hope everyone is doing well and your cycles are going smoothly and you get your babies soon. Baby dust!! 


Family update. 

At long last, Jason and I got in front on the lens again for a “whole family” update. I miss filming like this, I just always feel like we don’t have time, or the right set up, or I haven’t showered in a week (no, seriously! Hahaa). But the stars aligned for us to bring you a little video on life with our 18 month old baby girl twins. It’s crazy as ever but I wouldn’t change a dang thing! Thanks for watching. Click here to watch


Little bunnies. 

I just realized I never shared this video on my blog. So it’s super late but all our Easter decorations are literally still hanging up 😁, so since it’s clearly still Easter at my house… here’s our little vlog. I hope you all enjoy it and had a wonderful Easter. Happy spring!!

And yes, I never posted a 17 month update, but life with twins is bananas as always!! 

 Watch here


Babies getting bigger  
Sweet 16 months is here and the girls are cuter than ever. It seems with each passing month and milestone that they just get better and better. Gwen is still struggling to sleep through the night, but they are eating better, walking better and talking more. I love watching them explore and play. It always amazes me just how smart they are. Enjoy this little update vlog of our past month in videos. 

Watch vlog here


Reality check

Let’s get…

 It’s easy to get caught up in the assumption that everyone else has a perfect life and perfect kids and perfect house. And that their well behaved children never make messes in their interior decorated homes. And they always have a well balanced homemade meal ready for their husband who greets them with flowers and a kiss on their perfectly lined lips. But that’s not real life. 

It’s an “Instagram perfect” world that only exists for the camera and it’s impossible to compare to these zero-stretch-marked women. Come on people. Let’s get real. As women, we are already super critical of ourselves without the added stress of these beyond real expectations. 
You are enough. You are good enough. You are doing your best and that’s all you can do. Sometimes we need to relish in the small victory that we were able to shower that day, and not burn the house down… and that’s about it. But it was still a good day. It was a perfect day. Not “Instagram perfect”. Just real life.   
    This is real life. It’s not glamour shots while curled up in bed at 4pm Eskimo kissing your baby. It’s no makeup and your husband’s t-shirt. It’s a messy house and sticky kids. It’s the most exhausted overwhelming love you’ve ever felt. But it’s real. And it’s mine. And I wouldn’t change a thing. 


My go-to Mommy hair style!

 So I pretty much never have time to wash my hair, or a ton of time to style it, which means it’s in a messy bun or some kind of braid 99% of the time. 

I’ve had tons of requests for a side braid tutorial and I finally got around to filming it! It’s perfect for messy, second day (or fifth day) hair. Plus if u follow these easy steps you can hide those thinning patches up front 😉 I love how it always look like I have way thicker Rapuntzel hair than I actually do.  

Watch the side braid tutorial video Here

Or if u missed the top knot tutorial you can watch that Here


15 Months Update

Ok, so I realize it’s been like a year and a minute since I’ve actually sat down and filmed an actual update. But I think I just keep thinking life will eventually calm down enough to get something done… And it just ain’t. Life is amazing and I’m so blessed, but it’s exhausting!!!! 

The little angels are now 15 months and on the move! They are walking and talking more and love exploring everything and everywhere. 

I definitely plan to get back to filming for y’all, there’s a huge list of videos I wanna film… When I get a second. But for now, here’s another adorable talk through update on the little ladies and what we’ve been up to. Enjoy! 

Watch video here!


DIY Valentines Rag Wreath

Here’s a little tutorial how to make this super easy, adorable and affordable rag wreath out of old fabric scraps. I hope u enjoy it. 

Materials needed:

12 in wire wreath frame


Fabric (about 800 strips) I used five different fabric about 1 yard each. 

Heart or ornament for embellishment (optional) 

 Click here to watch video tutorial
Thanks for watching.  I hope u guys enjoy it. Let me know if u recreate it 😉